Providing a safe and secure environment for your children is so important to us. We have always tried our best to incorporate safety measures that ultimately benefit the children. We are proud of the safety measures we have in place and are appreciative to our understanding parents, who may at times feel inconvenienced, but understand the reason behind our process. The administration recently made a few minor revisions to our existing Crisis Plan to cover a wide range of threat possibilities. Every staff member has a copy of this plan in his/her classroom or office. All staff members have been instructed as to the role they would need to play, if necessary. We live in a world that is uncertain, but parents CAN be certain of one thing…we will always do our very best to protect your children.
The car rider line is on the school side of Versailles Street. This is where you will drop off your child in the morning and pick up your child in the afternoon. This is also where the buses drop off and pick up students. Do not use Parkside Drive as a means to get onto Versailles Street. In the mornings, you may walk your child to the gate on Versailles to say goodbye. If you choose to park and walk your child to school, park along Versailles Street on the bank side or on St. John Street in front of the bank. Your child will enter campus through the gate on Versailles Street between the cafeteria and the PreK building. In the afternoons, you may park on the bank side of Versailles if spots are available and walk to get your child at the gym. Do not park in the bank parking lot for morning dropoff or afternoon pickup.
If you are coming to the school during the day, you may park on the church side of the school.  You must check in at the office each time you visit the campus to receive a visitor’s pass.
Pre-K students are required to have “clear” booksacks, which are provided and included in your supplies fee. They may be monogrammed. Note that clear booksacks are required for PreK only. Booksacks for KG-8th may be any color and they may also be monogrammed.
Your child’s classroom teacher can tell you what time your child will go to lunch.  If you wish to have lunch with your child, please check in at the front office and then go to the cafeteria to wait for your child’s class.  Please bring money to cover lunch costs for anyone who will be eating with your child.  *No bag lunches are allowed.
If your child has special nutritional needs, please send the “Diet Prescriptoin for Meals at School” form to the Cafeteria Manager in order for the cafeteria staff to accommodate your child’s school lunch.  This form is located on our website under “About CCS / Parent Resources.”  *No bag lunches are allowed.
Teachers will let you if they are allowing treats for holidays. All treats must be peanut-free and tree nut free. Birthday treats will only be allowed in PreK, Kindergarten, and REC classes.  Birthday treats are not allowed in all other grade levels, but the child’s birthday will be recognized in the classroom.
Mass days are on Thursday mornings each week, beginning at 8:15 a.m. in the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.  Each grade/class has assigned seats in the Cathedral.  If you wish to join your child for Mass, you may sit with your child in his/her class.  PreK students do not attend Mass until the spring semester, and Kindergarten students attend Mass each week on a rotating basis.  Girls must wear skirts to Mass, and boys must wear long pants.  In cases of extreme weather conditions, the administration will notify you of any changes in Mass attire.  During inclement weather, Mass will be held in our gym.
Each time you visit our campus you must stop at our front office to receive a visitor’s