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Capital Campaign


HOME OF CATHEDRAL HALL – this building is shared between the church and the school.

Church/School Capital Campaign 2013-2016

We are excited to announce that construction of Cathedral Hall is complete!  This new beautiful landmark was Blessed and Dedicated on April 9, 2017 by Bishop Deshotel.  Many thanks to Fr. Chester Arceneaux, Mrs. Kay Aillet, Southwest Contractors, Poche’ Prouet Associates, and all of the generous donors who made this great accomplishment possible!

Cathedral Hall will not only impact Cathedral parishioners and school families, but it will impact all of Lafayette and visitors outside of Lafayette. The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is the spiritual home for almost 2,000 families and it’s the church of the Diocese – the Bishop’s church. It plays host to so many functions and now we have the appropriate space to do so and gather as a faith community.

The new hall is a multi-functional facility with the capability of dividing into (5) separate rooms. It accommodates banquet seating for approximately 224 guests, assembly seating for approximately 566, with access to a commercial grade kitchen. This 9,950 square foot space will serve to host parish and Diocesan gatherings, receptions, school functions & alumni reunions, and community events. We humbly ask for your prayers, support, and financial commitment to help us see this vision come to fruition.

We have been given so much through our Catholic faith which allows this community to continue to thrive.  We continue to raise money for the maintenance of Cathedral Hall, please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible donation, if you have not done so already. Donate online or make checks payable to: Cathedral Church/School Capital Campaign **Contact Sarah Hyde, CCS Development Director with your questions (337) 235-5577.

Thank you for your generous donation and faithful stewardship.

Please click below on the different Levels of Giving to view Capital Campaign Contributors.

Parent Booster Association
Matt G. Chiasson Family
Pinhook Foundation
Herbert & Renee’ Schilling
Miles & Glenda Matt and Family
Paul & Jhan Beaullieu
The Moody Company Foundation
CCS Parent Booster Association
Dr. & Mrs. Zerben Bienvenu & Family
The Southwest Group/Jim & Bryant Poche’ Families
Stuller Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Munchrath
Julie & Art LeBlanc
Daphne & EJ Krampe
Daniel A. Schmit
Hubert & Gertrude Dumesnil
Jeanne & Todd Schoeffler in Memory of Mr. & Mrs. George Schwing
Joe & Debbie Giglio
Joseph & Katherine LeRouge
Knight Family Foundation
Kris & Heather Cox
M/M Thomas R. Hightower, Jr.
Mike & Cathy Moncla
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart G. Clark
Neal & Ashley Guidry
Richard & Linda Sturlese
Rob & Toni Eddy
Frankie P. Harris: Jenny Harris Matthews : Caroline V. Harris
Ed Krampe
Mark & Renee’ Oliver
Chris & Kennis Pippin
Jared & Mary Quoyeser in memory of Camille Quoyeser – w/ Intel matching
Cary & Angela Bryson
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Blanchet, Jr.
Andre’ & Nora Doguet
Karin & Irvin David, Sr. / BOA Matching Gift
CCS Foundation
Alva T. Mouton & the late J. Carrol Mouton
Candy & George Robinson
CCS Athletic Booster Club
David & Elisabeth Cortez
David & Shoney Dauterive
Dr. & Mrs. Alphonse Landry
Edward & Roxanne Breaux
Gene & Julia Lognion
Gerald “Tee” & Gail Abshire
Gus & Sheila Zepernick
Hunter & Renae’ Trahan
In memory of Catherine Waguespack
J.P. & Mary Hebert
Jamie & Denise Kartsimas
Jason & Kerie Stone
Jim & Rosemary Zehnder
John P. Schutte, M.D.
Judi & Kade LeJeune/DSTechnologies Matching
Karin & Irvin David, Sr. /Bank of America Matching
Kathleen B. & Raymond S. Blanco
Kerney, Claudette, & Carmen Simoneaux
Landry Properties Management of Acadiana – Stephen & David Landry
Mac & Andrea Guarino
Marc & Cecile Mouton
Mary Ruth Keeley
Mo & Charles Trent
Moncla Marine
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Odinet
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Giglio, Sr. /Pfizer matching
Mr. & Mrs. Martin K. Bech
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lee DeMetz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mahtook, Jr.
Mrs. Mildred “MiMI” McElligott
Preis PLC
Ralph & Elisabeth “Cherie” Kraft
Randy & Sandy Songy Family Fund
Richard D. & Irene L. Cloud
Robert & Joan Frederick
Robert & Michelle Kallam
Robert Langinais
Sarah & Andy Lopez
Shelby S. Mier
Steve & Lisa Orlando Family Fund
Steven & Sarah Oubre
The Rosteet Family
Thomas & Garnet LeMaire
Thomas M. Johnson, M.D. Charitable Fund
Todd & Jennifer Zehnder
Wayne & Connie Elmore
William Hayes Alleman Memorial Fund, a Fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana
William Keaty and Family
Alisha & Scott Higgins
Anna Belle Bonnet
Anna Jane Marks
Anna Thibeaux
Anne Marie & Carroll Gautreaux
April & Christopher Bailey
Armistead & Kelly Long
Barbara Kirkpatrick
Barney & Deanie StewartBarrett & Allison Buxton
Benjamine, Preston, Kathryn Aline and in memory of Kathryn Anne
Bentley & Associates / Edmond Bruce Bentley-Class of ’66
Bill & Ellen Level
Bill & Rebecca Blanchet
Bonnie Sylvester Manuel
Brandon & Laurie Soebbing
Brett & Bethany Broussard
Brett & Daphnie Guidry
Brian & Slava Broussard
Buck & Beth Oubre
Carolyn & Deacon George Jourdan
CCS Beta Club
CCS Class of 2014
Celia Foard
Charles & Lanette Hebert
Charles Coignard
Charlotte & Russell Cryer
Charlotte Clavier
Chris & Angie Schouest
Christine & Clay J. Hardy, Jr.
Christopher & Renee Dooley
Christy & Ebbie Breaux
Clay & Lynette Darnall
Colby & Lisa Colomb
Coni Trahan
Conrad & Denise Chapman
Court Immaculata #503, COA
Cynthia & Sam Landers
Daniel & Jeanine Bourque
David & Jeanie Granberry
David & Judy Dugas
David & Sally Palmintier
David Wyble
Deborah Amy & Dennis G. Sullivan
Denise & Chris Sadler
Don & Geraldine O’Day
Don Bacque/Bacque Family, LLC
Donald & Kristin Balhoff
Donna & Dirk Forman
Doug & Kathy Hundley
Dr. & Mrs. Darryl Elias, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Leo & Kolleen Verlander, Sr.
Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Joy Rabalais
Dr. & Mrs. Michael & June Alexander
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen & Gail Wilt
Dr. Anne Bienvenu Broussard
Dr. Dolores Egger Labbe’
Dr. Troy Miller
Edward & Beverly Ackal
Elizabeth & Charles Padgett
Eloy & Judy Placer
Eric & Marie CrozierEveline D. Abdalla
Frank & Rhonda Stagno
Frank & Tracy Neuner
Gerald & Lynda Judice
Gerelda Champagne
Glenn & Monica Carpentar
Grant, Coleman, & Lauren Trahan
Gregory & Christine Dubois
Harold & Monica Domingue
Heather & Byron Trosclair
In memory of Sidney Emile & Mathilde Carrier Amy
In Memory of Woodrow & Aline (DeBlanc) Prejean

Jack Emling
Jacques & Errin Landry

James & Sandra Billeaudeau
Janice H. McNeil
Jean-Louis & Bridget Lemoine
Jeff & April Kreger
Jeff & Carol Whitehurst
Jeffrey & Christy Cart
Jerry & Cheryl Trumps
Jessica & Charles Cornay
Jim & Elizabeth Lyons
Jimmy & Elisa Zehnder
Jimmy & Patti Domengeaux
Joel & Lisa Babineaux
John Emling
Jon & Kellie Domingue
Joseph & Hope Gajan, III
Josephine Abington
Joyce M. Bonin
Judge & Mrs. Don Aaron, Jr.
Julie & Juan Zeik
Kansas A. Hernandez
Karin & Irvin David, Sr.
Kathleen Toups
Kathryn & Jamie Howard
Kay & Larry Aillet
Kay & Stephen Bienvenu
Keith & Charlotte Colomb
Keith & Margaret Trahan
Kelli & John Michael Chachere
Ken & Cindy Vincent
Landon & Tressie Kent
Larry J. & Margaret D. Simon
Lee Bishop & Elizabeth Carpente
Lester J. Durel
Lisa & Claude Krause
Lori & Shawn Carter
Louis & Chandelle Richard
Lucille Ficaro
Lucille Prejean
Marcelle Citron
Marie Ballou
Marilyn B. Borne in memory of Edward M. Borne, Jr. & Keith Michael Borne.
Marion Seemann
Mark & Sandra Cambre
Martial F. Billeaud, Sr. Foundation
Mary Odille Broussard
Mike Michot
Mimi & Robert Francez
Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Antoine
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. David A. & Denise R. Lanclos
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Koke, Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Ian A. MacDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Jason A. Landry
Mr. & Mrs. R.J. Guchereau, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. W. Gerald Gaudet
Mrs. Chas C. Martin
Mrs. Maude J. Adams
Nick & Maria Doucet
Norma K. Dugas
Noelle & Henry Busch
Paul & Nicole Jones
Peggy & Greg Voorhies
Peter Leonard
Philip & Tina Fremin
Randy & Judith Paul

Randy & Tammy McCormick
Raymond & Allyson Hebert
Richard & Judith Kennedy
Richard & Tanya Campbell
Robert & Clarissa Boriel
Robert & Jeanne Dominque & Family
Robert & Joan Frederick
Ron & Mimi Boustany
Roz Saloom
Ruth Saloom
Sarah & Brandon Hyde
Scott & Angela Hutchison
Scott & Kelley Gauthreaux
Sean & Brittany Primeaux
Seb & Leslie Patout
Shepherd & Maureen Baumer
Stephen & Dawn Moody
Steve & Sylvia Oats
Steven & Debra Johnson
Susan Guidry
Teche Drugs, Inc.
Teeta & Richard Chappuis, Jr.
Thomas & Bessie Senette
Thomas Niel
Todd & Danielle Huval & Family
Tracy & Chris Simon
Troy & Cherie Collins
Troy & Cydra Wingerter
Troy & Dana Miller
Troy & Jeanne Cloutier
William & Stephanie Johnson
Zach & Renee Ezell
Zeen & Neetzie David
Zuschlag Family Foundation
Brenda & William J. Kovach
Pierre E. Conner, Jr
Christa Billeaud
Guy J. Landry
Juan & Juliet Zeik
Jeanette M. Guidry
Randy & Tammy McCormick
Bernard & JoLeah DuMond
Nick & Maria Doucet
Janet & Wayne Stansbury
Randy & Tammy McCormick
Maureen & Shepard Baumer
Christopher & April Bailey
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Lucy Gremillion Begnaud
Leslie Mahfouz Patout & Seb Patout
Paul & Diane Prejean
Mt. Carmel Class 1965 & CHS Class of 1958
Betty & Bob Guchereau, Jr.
Dr. Robert Romero
Frank & Tracy Neuner
Paul A. & Marilyn B. Long

Carolyn Abdalla
Evelina Abdalla & Barbara & Tom Black in memory of Anne Broussard Breaux
New Acadians in memory of Phyllis Bonhagen
Allison & Gabriel Ackal, Jr.
Mae Helen Ackal
Kevin & Suzette Acosta
Angelle & Anthony Adams
Joshua & Mariette Adams
Robert & Karen Adams
Lisa & Gregory Adkins
Albert & Carolyn Alexander
Gail & Malcolm Alexander
Michael Alexander
Yvonne Alexander
Andre’ Alfred/Microsoft Matching gift
Katie Alleman
Durelle & Laura Allen
Laura Cortese Allen
Susan Marie Amy
Robert & Julie Andries, Jr.
Cliff & Jett Angelle
J.B. & Anne Angelle
Tony & Jan Angelle
Allen Areceneaux
Walter & Lillian Armer in memory of Robert H. Leyendecker, Sr.
Greig Ashurst
Claire & Doug Ashy, Sr.
Doug & Ena Ashy, Sr
John M. Azar, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bahlinger
Marie Ballou
Bob & Charlene Banna
Charlene & Bob Banna in memory of Margaret Bollich
Charlene & Robert Banna in memory of Lester Durel
Brent & Nicole Barousse
Zurben & Tammy Barras
Drs. Gregg & Barrow Barre
Hudson Barre’
Bonny Barry
Marlene & Art Barry
Patrick & Leigh Barry
Paul & Mary Barton Broussard
Charles & Catherine Baudoin in memory of Jerry Reaux
Chris & Rene’e Baudoin
Paul & Jhan Beaullieu
Konrad & Lisa Behrhorst
Lisa & Konrade Behrhorst
Sylvia Bell
Joseph & Michelle Benoit
Bruce Bentley
Francis Leon Bergeron in memory of Jane Hebert
Jennifer Bergeron
Kim Bernard
Kevin & Vivian Berry
Willis & Mona Bertrand
Jeff & C.C. Bienvenu
Mrs. Robert E. Billeaud, Sr. & Family
James & Sandra Billeaudeau
Dickie, Carmen, Joshua, Claudia, Nate, Isabelle, Isaac, Marissa & Frederick Billedeaux
Laura Bixenman
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Blanchard
Thomas & Rachel Blanchet
Brian & Kristin Blankenship
in memory of Mazel Marse from Ken & Cindy Bloch, Kelsey, Kevin & Easton Livengood, & Brett & Angela Bloch
Curtis & Debbie Bodin
Mary Lynne Bonin in memory of Mouton
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Bonnecaze
Anna Belle Bonnet in memory of Jumonville
Dr & Mrs. Michael Boos, Jr in memory of Edward M. Borne, Jr
Amy Claire Bordelon
Briana Jade Boriel
Charles & Lisa Boudreaux, Jr.
Denis & Drlene Boudreaux
Dr. Jean & Kathleen Boudreaux
Gabrielle & Jonathan Boudreaux
Phil & Robyn Boudreaux
Mable & Malcolm Boulet
Brett & Jill Boullion
Larry & Donna Boullion
Lauren & Marcel Bourgeois
Laura & Thomas Bourque
Mark & Lynn Bourque
Stephanie Bowman in memory of Jane Hebert
Beth Boyd
Gabby & Nicholas Brabner
Christopher & Gina Bradley
Scott & Suzanne Brazda
Betty B. Breaux
Karl & Suzanne Breaux
Lisa Breaux
Mrs. Eunice Breaux
Wallace & Denise Breaux, Jr
The Bretts
Joshua & Stephanie Briggs
Julian Briggs
Kirk & Karen Briggs
Alex & Traci Brochard
Adam & Anne Broussard
Broussard, Poche’, Lewis & Breaux, L.L.P.
Connie Broussard
Connie Broussard
Gail & Roderick Broussard
Patrick Broussard
Paul & Louisette Broussard
Paul & Mary Barton Broussard in memory of Rita LeBlanc & Will Alleman
Steven & Barbara Broussard
Tommy, Carolyn, Donovan & Ian Broussard in memory of Al Comeaux
Verna & Cheri Broussard in memory of Margaret M. Bollich
Robert & Elizabeth Burnell
Darrellyn & Don Burts
Scottie Cado
Nicholas Cahanin
Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Camardelle in memory of Cindy Vincent
Louis Cambre
Mr. & Mrs. William Cantey
Kirk & Kim Carbo
In memory of Jane Hebert
In memory of Rita LeBlanc
In memory of William Alleman
Iggie & Tia Castille
Joretta Chance – in memory of Anne Broussard Breaux
Cameron & Amy Chappuis
Shana Chappuis
Carole & John Chase in memory of Jane Hebert
John & Jody Chastant
Ginger Chauvin in memory of Will Alleman, Rita LeBlanc, Alyssa Babineaux, Beth Martin, Al Cmeaux
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Chauvin
Troy & Lisa Chenevert
Camille Chopin
Carey & Cindy Chopin
Matthew & Tasha Cieslak
Scott & Mary Ellen Citron
Carrol & Beverly Clark (in memory of Mouton)
Class of 2012
Charlotte Clavier
Brian & Janet Clement
Peter Clementi
Audrey & Carroll Comeaux
David & Susan Comeaux
Gene & Connie Comeaux
Jill & David Comeaux
Mrs. Walter Hazel Comeaux
Wayne Comeaux
Terry A. & Colleen K. Conque
Nanette & David Cook
Camille Pugh Copeland
Bruce & Terry Cordick
Amy & Joseph Cormier
Christopher & Missy Cormier
Wanda Cormier
Chris & Judy Cortese
Chris & Judy Cortese in memory of Rita LeBlanc
Jennifer Falgout Cortese
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cortese
The Cortese Family – in memory of Allen Eskew
Lee & Susan Coulon
Angela & Kelly Cox
Angie Cox
Jennifer & William Cox
Sandra Cox
Tressie Cox
Michael Credeur
Carroll Crouchet
John & Susan Cunniff
Dr. Gail H. Dack
JP & Jennifer D’Albor
James & Jane Daniel in memory of Jane Hebert
Kimberly & Paul Darbonne
Eugene & Kathleen Darnall, III (in memory of Mouton)
Pamela Darr
David Dauterive in memory of Jane Hebert
Ken & Suzanne David
Shawn & Lauren David
Angie & Hammy Davis
Marla Davis
Mrs. Barbara Dayries
Jane & Tommy DeBlieux
Ann DeCuir
Kevin & Mary Decuir
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Degatur
Richard & Barbara Degeyaire
Todd & Donna Delahoussaye
Anthony & Jeannie DelGreco
Marcus & Dorothy Denias
Laura Denny
Laura Denny in honor of her son Jim Denny
John & Betsy Deshotels
Lindsey Desormeaux
James & Michelle Doherty
Michelle Domas
John & Jaime Domec
Chris & Karen Domingue
Christie Domingue
Dean & Denise Domingue
Jeanne Domingue
Jeanne Domingue
John & Christine Domingue
Wilson & Ruth Domingue
Frank & Mitzi Domino
Chris & Renee Dooley
Pamela Dore in memory to Cindy Vincent
Douglas & Lisa Dorsey
Denise Doucet
Ross & Jana Doughty
Amelie Drake
Joseph & Katherine Dubicki
Greg & Christine Dubois in memory of Will Alleman
Rebecca & Jeremy Dubois
Dwayne & Sheri Dugal/matching Grainger
Brenden & Sara Dugas
Caffery & Mary Dugas
David & Judy Dugas
Michelle & Chuck Duhon
Paul & Denise Duhon
Vincent & Cindy Duhon
Christopher & Virginia Dunn
Cory & Britlyn Duplantis
Betsy & Russell Duplechain in memory of Jane Hebert
Kristen Dupuy
Teri Dupuy
Darlene Durald
Carrie & Dan Easly in memory of jane Hebert
Suzanne & Paul Eason
Amelie & Noemie Echeverria
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Eggart
Enterprise Holdings in memory of Robert Leyendecker, Sr
Cade & Julie Evans
Loretta & Eddie Evans
Zachary & Renee Ezell
Kristen Sturlese Fabacher
Susan Fambrough
Melanie Farrar
Shawn & Dorothy Faulk
George & Mary Favaloro
Katharine Favaloro
Mollie Feerick
Marjorie Ferry
Jess & Michelle Fike
Madeleine Fincke
Brandon & Leslie Finley/Takeda matching gift
Patricia Fischer in memory of Robert Leyendecker, Sr
Amanda Fontenot
David & Tina Fontenot
Davis & Sue Fontenot
Michael & Celeste Fontenot
Donna & Dirk Forman in memory of Cindy Vincent
Steven & Robin Foss
Nadia & Jerome Foti
Dean & Carol Frame
Brian & Jennifer Frederick
Dawn Frederick
Shirley Frederick
Dr. Kathryn Frey
John & Angela Fruge’
Rick & Margaret Furman
Dr. Charles Fuselier
Morgan & Blake Fuselier
Joseph & Hope Gajan, III
Kasey & Sheri Gallet
Scott Gammel
Lauren Gardner
Leslie Garofane
Terry Garrett
Jude & Angela Gaspard
Lonny & Ada Gaspard
Linda & Ron Gaubert – in memory of Margaret Bollich
Thad & Amy Gautreaux
Debra Gay
Debra Gay in memory of Al Comeaux
Kevin & Betty Gayle in memory of Dana Gilbert
Kevin, Tiffany, Brianna & Michael Gayle in memory of Dana Gilbert
Clayton & Kasey George
Rocky & Elizabeth Gerace
Gregory Gerami
Danny & Jenna Gillane
Marilyn Gillane
Paula Gillette
Walter & Loretta Glod
Mary & Ed Godfrey
Jackson & Audrey Going, Jr
Patricia Gonzalez
Heather Goodrum
Isadore & Lilian Gravouia
Alex & Melissa Gray
Matt & Elizabeth Green
Graci-Anne Greenblatt in memory of Jane Hebert
The Greenwood Family
Morgan & Kristy Gremillion
Meg Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Gros
Henry Peret Guchereau
Stan & Ruthy Guidroz
Dawn M. Guidry / Averie N. Guidry
Jean Paul & Rachael Guidry
Mike, Cathy, Ethan, & Ava Guidry in memory of Dana Guidry
Neal, Ashely & Elenor in memory of Dana Gilbert
Rocky & Allison Guidry
Candice Guilbeau
Margaret & Shelby Guilbeau
Sasanne Guilbeau
Shawn Guilbeau
Shelby & Margaret Guilbeau
Susanne & Thomas Guilbeau
Daniel Guilliot
Thomas & Jamie Guins
Harmon Hall
Dewey & Eula Halphen, Jr
Emily, Alison, & Mike Hamner in memory of Al Comeaux
Dr. & Mrs. Hayward Hargrove, Jr. in memory of Dorothy Montesano
Elizabeth & Jeffrey Harlan
Lani Harris
Lee & Heather Harris
Jan & Pat Haydell
Alyssa Hebert
Luke & Robin Hebert
Matt & Emily Hebert
Matt, Emily, & Vivian Hebert
Nell Hebert
Nicole Marie Hebert
Yvette & Dickie Hebert – In Memory of Marie S. Laurent & Betty Speyrer
Barry & Kathleen Heinen in memory of Jane Hebert
Kristi Clements Helms
Michael Helms
Chris & Nicole Helo
Kelly Hempen
Daniel & Sarah Henderson
Richard & Linda Henderson in memory of Cindy Vincent
Karl & Melanie Hensgens
Angelique & Shane Hernandez
Jamie & Bernard Herndon
Tim & Mary Catherine Herpin
Carol Hidalgo
Larry & Carolyn Hooper
Jean & P.A. Hoppe, Jr (memory of Anne Breaux)
Richard & Melanie Houghton
Greg & Melinda Howze
Boyd & Claire Hoyt
aJeune Advanced Medical Spa/Dr. Chris Hubbell
Joe & Margaret Huval
Raymond James
Casey & Jill Jenkins
Joan & Brian Jocks
Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Ella Johns
Steven & Debra Johnson
William & Stephanie Johnson
Paul & Pam Johnston
Paul & Dawn Jones
Sharon A. Jones
Carolyn & Deacon George Jourdan
Tootsie & Justin Jourden
Gerald & Lynda Judice & the familes of Judice Inn in memory of Rita LeBlanc
Gerald & Lynda Judice (in memory of Margaret Porche)
Gerald & Lynda Judice (in memory of Zeina’s mother – Samira Bouharb)
In Thanksgiving of Kay Aillet, Greg Dubois, & Sarah Hyde
Karen Judice
Lynda Judice – memory of faculty relatives
Lynda Judice in memory of Charlene Portier & Al Comeaux
Lynda Judice in the name of CCS Administration
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Juneau
Christopher & Cynthia Juntti
Vicki Justice in memory of Jane Hebert
Courtney Kellner Kahn
Annelle & Henry Keller
Mary & Bill Kellner
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Kellner
William & Mary Kellner in memory of Edward Borne, Jr
Richard Kennedy, III
Landon & Tressie Kent
Mr. & Mrs. Kent J. Kerne
Philip & Alice Kerne
Janet & John King
Babara Kirkpatrick
Simone Boullion Klusman
Ralph & Cherie Kraft – in memory of Anne Broussard Breaux
Ralph & Elisabeth Kraft
Ralph & Elisabeth Kraft in memory of Gerald Gaudet & Laurel Lea Domingue
Katherine Krall
Malcolm & Bridgette Krause
Geri Kreamer – in memory of Margaret M Bollich
Larry & Jean Kreamer
Thomas & Jean Kreamer
Jeff & April Kreger
Jeremy & Nicole LaBorde
Sandra Labry
Judith Lacoste
Blaine & Amanda LeFleur
Dr. Kenneth LaFleur & Margaret Chapman in memory of Walter LeBlanc
Clayton & Lauren LaFosse
Harold Lagroue
Laura LaHaye
Mark & Katie LaLande
Amanda & Nathan Landers
Brennan & Camille Landry
Jarrod & Kim Landry
Marc, Nicole, & Baylor Landry
Mildred B. Landry
Mrs. Susan Landry (in memory of Mouton)
Stephen & Jennifer Landry
Stevel & Carol Landry
Mable Lantier
Mable Lantier
Paige & Expadie Laperouse
Patrick & Jennifer Laperouse
Victoria LaPrairie
Gerald Larriviere
Danny & Carolyn Lasseigne
Trudie Lasseigne
Dustin & Clare Latiolais
Matthew & Ashlie Latiolais
Matthew & Ashlie Latiolais
Todd Latiolais
Vincent & Melanie Lauer
Mary Adams Laurent
Mrs. Mary Ann Rodemacher Lavergne – In Memory of Curtis A. & Marie B. Rodemacher
W.C. Pete Lavergne
Clint & Misty Laviolette
John & Jane Vasseur
Ernest & Carmel Lea in memory of Jane Hebert
Andre & Rita LeBlanc
Barry J. LeBlanc
Christy & Randy LeBlanc
Danny & Kellie LeBlanc
Jason & Jill LeBlanc
Pearl LeBlanc
Ryan & Christine LeBlanc
Sandra & Wayne LeBLanc in memory of Al Comeaux
Phyllis Ledet in memory of Jane Hebert
Amy Allums Lee & Chris Lee
Gerard & Jacquelyn Leger
Mrs. Judy Leger
Roxane Leger
Grace LeJeune
Scott & Martha LeJeune
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lemoine in memory of Ed Borne
Lindsay Lenderman
Red Lerille Health Club
John & Jane LeVasseur
Ellen Level
Nanette Lewis
Patricia Leyendecker in memory of Mrs. Winnie LeFleur
Shannon & James ller
Mr. & Mrs. James Lochridge
Kelly Lockard
Paul & Marilyn Long
Patricia Loomis
Baltazar Lopez
Betty Lowry in memory of Dot Broussard Montesano
Jesse & Natalie Luquette, Jr
Vida Luquette
Eric & Kathryn Macicek
Michelle Mahne
Stephanie & Greg Mahtook
Myra Malagarie
Sarah Malagarie
Paul & Mary Blanchet Manuel
Tom & Nancy Marcotte
Anna J. Marks
Anne Jane Marks
James & Rebecca Marler
Patty Marshall
Justin & Donna Martin
Mrs. Chas. Chester Martin
Lisa & David Martin
Daniel Massengale
Mac & C.W. Massie, III
Catherine E. Matt
Jenny & David Matthews
Tony & Lisa Matto in memory of Jane Hebert
John McCarthy
McClure Family
Michael & Ursula McClure
Matthew & Caroline McConnell
Danny & Kathleen McCoy
Allison McCullough
Grant & Jamie McDaniel
Patrick & Donna McDonald
Mildred “MiMi” McElligott (in memory of Jules Carrol Mouton)
James & Andrea McFaul, Jr.
Kristen & Daniel McWilliams
Alane & Clayton Meaux
Jennifer Meaux
Paul & Monica Meche
Christopher & Carrie Meers
Charles & Kay Melancon
Gregory Melancon
In memory of J. Walter LeBlanc
Audrey Menard
Jimmy & Chris Menard
Jaime & Maria Mendoza
Crystal & Buck Miciotto
Microsoft Matching
Kim Miguez
Zeina Mikhael
Paul Millett
Robert & Jennifer Milner (in memory of Yvonne Bonnet Jumonville)
Robert & Laure Mineo
Leon Minvielle, III in memory of Ray W. Plair
Geoffrey & Naomi Mire
Jodi Mitchell
Paul & Lainie Moncada/Chevron match
Craig & Mindy Monfra
Brent & Yvette Monteleon
Stephen & Dawn Moody
Jamie & Donald Moore in memory of Jane Hebert
Ruth G/Moreau
Dean & Marjorie Morgan
Jim, Melanie, Britain & Makenna Morris in memory of Mrs. Winnie LeFleur
Mina Morrison
Alex & Katie Mottram
Alva Mouton in memory of Dorothy Montesano
Brit & Alicia Mouton
Frank & Margaret Mouton
J. Alfred Mouton in memory of Scranton Alfred Mouton, Jr.
J. Alfred Mouton, Inc. Eddie & Beth Mouton
Jeff & Wendy Mouton
Marc & Betty Mouton
Mr. Edward Mouton – In memory of Irma Belle P. Abdalla
Ryan & Amy Mouton
Scranton Mouton
Sisters of Mt. Carmel – Sr. Evelyn Mire, Sr. Cheryl Scheaffer, Sr. Teresa Maragret Toups
Bruce murphy in memory of Kenneth Murphy
Lisa Myers
Clyde & Denise Neely in memory of Jane Hebert
Karen & Jason Nelson
Stacey Nepveaux
Tracy & Frank Neuner
Toon & Robin Nguyen
Dr. Jacque Noel, III (in memory of Anne Breaux)
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Norman
Charles & Kay Oge’
Megan Oliver
Nicholas & Julie Olivier
Burt & Wendy Ortego
Elizabeth & Steven Ortte
David & Sally Palmintier
Mark & JoLynn Patin
Michael & Stacy Patin
Seb & Leslie Patout in honor of Alexis & Anthony Mahfouz, Sr.
Sebastian & Leslie Patout
Anne & Thomas Perkins
Kathleen Perkins
Debbie & Hank Perret
Hunter & Candyce Perret
Mike & Chelette Pharr
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Piasecki
Joesph S. & Josephine Piccione, Jr.
Kirk & Brenda Piccione
Tricia Pierre
Christine Pitts in memory of Cindy Vincent
Phyllis Poole
David Pope
Kim & Kenneth Porche
Willmer Pousson
Brandon & Jenny Prejean
Joseph & Juanita Prejean
Simone Quakenbos
Brigitte & Jaime Quebedeaux in memory of Dianne Keller Weimer, Patricia Haydell, Gary Reagan
Jane Rabalais
Michael & Joy Rabalais
Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Joy Rabalais in memory of Edward Borne, Jr
Marie & Glen Raggio
Joseph & Leslie Ragusa in memory of Jane Hebert
April Raines
David Reed
Dr. Albert & Mrs. Kay Rees
Doris Reggie
Matthew Reid
Anita & Scott Reilly
Paloma Reyes
James & Karen Reynolds
Damien & Stephanie Richard
Drs. Earl & Mary Richard
Loretta B. Richard
Marie & Pappy Richard
Carol Robbins
Lauren & John Robert
Sheila Robert
Albert & Lynda Robichaux
Maurianna & Jason Robichaux
Carl & Aime Robicheaux
Daryl & Tricia Robinson in memory of Jane Hebert
Charles Rock in memory of Bob Leyendecker
Charles Taylor Rock, Jr.
Ray Rogers & Family
David & Mary Romagosa in memory of Walter LeBlanc
Catherine & Gordon Rountree
Dr. Nancye Roussel
Tina Rowe
John Royston
Drs. Brad & Stephanie Rupe
Charles & Carla Rush
Jaci & Michael Russo
Mrs. Barry J. Sallinger
Gregory & Shari Saloom
Judge (Ret) & Mrs. Kaliste J. Saloom, Jr.
Shari & Gregory Saloom
Christopher & Kristie Sam
Joy, Todd, Colton & Chloe Sanders in memory of Jane Hebert
Sarah Sapienza
Todd Alan Sarsfield
Benjamin Savoie, Sr
Nicki Savoie
Gordon & Alison Schoeffler
Ted & Bonnie Schoeffler
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Segura
Gerald & Ethel Sellers
Shanell Senigal
Ina Shafer
Clay, Pride & Bird Sherrill in memory of Jane Hebert
Mable Shoemaker in memory of Phyllis K. Bonhagen
E.C. & Claudette Sibille
Joan Silver
Boyd & Dana Simon
Don & Mary Simon
Elaine Simon
John & Joan Sims, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Sims
Brandon & Dominique Singleton
Dominique & Cynthia Singleton
Maria Slater
Kevin & Margaret Smith
Norman & Darlene Smith
Norman & Mary Smith
Sarah & Danny Smith
Julie Snader
Kyle & Erin Soignier
Lauren & Timothy Sonnier
Marguerite Sonnier
Craig & Jill Spikes
Melanie Spoelker
P.H. St. Amant in memory of Walter Leblanc
St. Anne Society
Charmaine St. Germain
Mr. & Dr. Philip & Camille Stagg
Philip & Camille Stagg
Dale & Betty Stanford
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Stansbury
Charles & Heather Stemmans
Deanie & Barney Stewart
Ms. Clarice J. Stewart
Melanie Stokes
Melanie Stokes in memory of Al Comeaux
Stafford & Amanda Stuart
Mildred Sturlese
Gretchen Stutes
Art & Connie Suberbielle
CB & Anissa Talley
Mark & Leslie Tammariello
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Taulli, III
Gary & Gail Tautkus in memory of Jane Hebert
Elizabeth & Jude Tauzin
April Taylor
Donald & Connie Theriot in memory of Dana Gilbert
The David Thibeaux Family in memory of Dorothy Montesano
Melody Thibedoux
Kemp & Wendy Thibodeaux
Toby & Katherine Thimmesch
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Thomas, II
Tracy Oubre Thompson
Andy & Alexa Todd
Robert & Denise Torian
Kevin, Marlene Kennedy, Kendal, Kenzie, & Josie Touchet in memory of Dana Gilbert
Peter Touchet
Verly & Joseph Touchet
Cara & Barret Toups
Chad & Carol Ann Trahan
Chase & Meghan Trahan
Cynthia Trahan
Lee & Trudy Trahan
Rachelle Trahan
Tonya Trahan
Mo & Charles Trent in memory of Bruno Kidder
Kali Treuting
Dean & Kathryn Triche
Triton Industries (in memory of Mouton)
William & Elizabeth Trotter
E.H. & Julie Underwood, III
United Way
Paul & Jeanne Veazey
Brenda Verret
Chris Verret in memory of Edward Borne, Jr.
Chris Verret in memory of Jules Carrol Mouton
William Keith Vest
Debbie & Paul Viator
Greg & Monique Vidos
Christine & Dale Vidrine
Theresa Voinche
Mary Walker in memory of Jane Hebert
Richard Walsh
Mrs. Janice Walters
Donna Ware
Michael & Elizabeth Waters
Michelle & O’Neal Weber
Jeffrey & Jennifer Weinstein
Marlene & Jerome Wenzel
Flossie Wesley
Ronald Wesley
Jerry Wetzel
Timothy & Martha Whipple
John Williams in honor of Bob Bixenman
Nathan J. Williams, Sr
Shane & Sarah Williams
Sidney Joseph H. Williams, Jr
Catherine Wilson – in memory of Robert Leyendecker
Troy & Cydra Wingerter
Ethelyne & Ricahrd Wiseman – in honor of Cecile Barton
Ethelyne & Richard Wiseman – in memory of Ernestine Broussard
Robert Woock (united way)
Jon & Kelli Woods
David Wyble
Michael & Shawntell Young
Timothy & Nicole Zaunbrecher
Tonya & Gil Zunbrecher
Jennifer Ziegler (in memory of Mouton)
Richard & Elaine Zuschlag in memory of Ritter Trahan
Degeytaire-Sonnier Families
Donald J. & Agnes H. LeBlanc
Gregory & Shari Saloom
Cynthia Trahan
Dean & Kathryn Triche
Vince & Cindy Duhon
Joseph & Amy Cormier, Jr.
Michael & Elizabeth Waters
Ryan & Christine LeBlanc
Danny & Kellie LeBlanc
Donald Quirk
Lauren & Timothy Sonnier
Christopher & Taylor Breaux
Jeremy & Lisa Johnson
Nathan & Nancy Williams
Todd & Jeanie Newberg
Danielle Lites
Kali Treuting & Matthew Reeid
Mary Laurent
Gary & Kethleen Rudick
Dewey & Eula Halphen
Sonny & Amy Bellard
Hazel Comeaux
Rick & Sue Brett
Malcolm G. Mouton
Anna Thibeaux
Peter Connelly
Melissa Tirado
Albert Charles & Kay Rees
Charles Rock
Joseph S. Piccione, Jr.
Troy & Cydra Wingerter
Anna Thibeaux
Burton & Anne Angelle
Judith Lacoste
Patrick & Donna McDonald – in memory of Catherine Monceaux
Cynthia & Sam Landers
Frank & Barbara Hollier
A.J. & Sally Antonie
David B. Pope
Laurie Conn in memory of Catherine Monceaux
LaMay Group, LLC in memory of Catherine Monceaux
Joseph & Hope Gajan, III
Brandon & Leslie Finley
Lynda & Gerald Judice in memory of Ed Krampe & Jo Montesano
Jenny & Patrick Laperouse
Jaime Fontenot
Edward G. Landry
Champion Motors in memory Catherine Monceaux
Terese Boustany Reggie
Suzanne Escudier
Blake Escudier

John & Brigid Guillory
Charles Mouton
Bruce Montesano
John Paul
Walter & Bonnie Camos
David & Sally Palmintier
Del Rita Foreman King
Ann R. Knight
Debra & Mark Billeaud
Henrietta Boriskie
Claudette & Estorge Sibille
Glen & Marie Raggio
David & Mercedes Huval
Tommy, Angie, and Adam Begnaud
Gerard & Jacquelyn Leger
Stanley Blackstone
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Moore, Sr.
Tim Allis
Cory Duplantis
Dr. Jacque & Stella Noel
Lucile Prejean
Scott Gammel
Cynthia & Sam Landers
Elizabeth & Steven Ortte
Stephen & Gail Wilt
Dennis Sullivan
Rose Guidry Torres
Jim Richard
William & Mary Kellner
Rev. Thomas Voorhies
Elaine Hebert McGee
Mark & Jennifer Chiasson
Mary Lou Jumonville
G. Faye Boudreaux-Bartels
Wiltz Cormier
Terry J. Broussard
John C. Williams Architects in honor of Bob Bixenman Lynn B. Comeaux Mrs. Hugh Langlinais Chris & Irene Dailey Frank & Barbara Hollier
Glenn “Rusty” & Amy Wilson
Debra & Mark Billeaud
Cynthia & Sam Landers
Margaret Palma
Annie Bishop in memory of Larry C. Bishop – Class of 1964
Stacy Montesano in memory of Carl Hebert
Chris Verret in memory of Carl Hebert
Donna & Larry Boullion in memory of Carl Hebert
Mr. & Dr. Shawn & Shawntel Richard
Thomas & Lesa Hever in memory of Carl Hebert
Patricia & Wilburn Addicks in memory of Carl Hebert
Don & Tish Capretz in memory of Carl Hebert
Robert & Betty Tujague
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gonzales, Sr. in memory of Carl Hebert
Jared Sere’
Debbie Schirico Fuselier
Bonnie Walters Sarver Class of 1959 & Betty Walters Dupont Class of 1965                                                                                 Charles & Elizabeth Padgett