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Get Involved … Volunteer!

This is your invitation to get involved! If you see an area you are interested in volunteering for, click on the chairman’s name to the right. In your email specify your interest and your contact information. Should you have any questions, browse the Volunteer Booklet for more detailed descriptions of the officers, board committees, events or fundraisers.

Officers – These positions are voted on by the parent population at the end of the previous school year. If you are interested in becoming an officer of the PBA, contact the current president.

Board Committees – The following committees typically are called on periodically throughout the course of the year. Volunteering needs vary from supplying food/drinks for teacher gratitude days, golf carts/trailers from Dad’s, at-home crafty work for new parent orientation, decorating campus around the holidays, staffing spirit stop sale days, etc. If any one of the following areas seem of interest to you, please contact this year’s chairman highlighted to the right.

Events – These events are held on the dates specified below. PBA is called on to help the staff and administration with these school related student activites. Parent Volunteers are needed to supply food and drink, supplies and/or most importantly time.

Grandparents’ Day (November 17th, 2017)
Book Fair (Spring 2018 TBA)
Diffendoufer Day (Spring 2018 TBA) – Julie Guillot

Fundraisers – These fundraisers are a particularly important part of PBA because they require serious amounts of volunteer time and talents and are the basis for the end-of-year donation from PBA to the school.

Holiday Pictures – Dana Bishara
Ladies Tennis Tournament (October 6th, 2017) – April Bailey
Color Run (TBA) – TBA
Annual $10,000 Raffle and Auction (TBA) – TBA
Volunteer HERE!

Browse the Volunteer Booklet  for more detailed descriptions of the officers, board committees, events or fundraisers or click on the chairman’s name listed to the right and email your questions.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to Cathedral-Carmel School! 

In Recognition

The Parent Booster Association raises money through its two major fundraisers, the Color Run and the $10,000 Raffle & Auction, along with profits from the Spirit Stop and several smaller fundraisers. A special thank you to the following committee members who spearheaded our two major fundraisers last year that raised over $ for our school.

Color Run– $
     ChairsElisabeth Cortez & Elise David

$10,000 Raffle– $
     Co-Chairs – Sara Williams
     Co-Chairs – Leah Gerami
     Co-Chairs – Lisa Comeaux
     Co-Chairs – Jill Leblanc

Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of our school!