Spiritual Life

The mission of Cathedral-Carmel School is to teach Roman Catholic values in an environment of academic excellence. We are motivated by our founders, St. John Baptist De LaSalle, who calls us “to teach minds and touch hearts”, and Mother Therese Chevrel, who calls us “To love one another, uphold one another.”

Cathedral-Carmel follows scope and sequence, which means that in the ten (10) years that students are with us, they are exposed to all the teachings of our faith at age appropriate levels.

Grades 4-6 are also taught from Sadlier’s “God’s Own Making”, a supplementary program of Catholic values of human sexuality. In the spring our 5th and 8th graders are administered a national religion standardized test, in which our students always perform quite well.

Everyone at Cathedral-Carmel realizes that religion is not just about teaching subject matter, but being immersed in faith. We choose a faith vision and value to work on each year. This year our value is “PEACE.”

As a school community, our students, faculty and staff celebrate liturgy every Thursday morning at 8:15am. in the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist with different classes taking turns to prepare and participate in the mass. Twice a year, we have Benediction for the students at church. During Lent the Sacrament of Reconciliation is made available, as well as the Way of the Cross. Each year we provide an off-campus retreat for our 8th graders. Our annual May Crowning is a big event, as well as other para-liturgical celebrations such as The Pet Blessing in October, Seder Meal, Washing of the Feet, Living Way of the Cross, Pumpkin Prayer Service, praying of the Rosary, etc.

The children are taught to learn to appreciate their gifts and to share them with others through participation in our annual Christmas giving project during Advent, our Thanksgiving food drive and annual community food collection, Lenten Mission collection, as well as other outreach projects within the larger community.

We have an active Campus Ministry team in 8th grade, where faith is put into action at school and in the local community.

As you walk through our campus you will find many visible signs of our beautiful Catholic faith!